QUARTON: THE BRIDGE  Part 1 in the Quarton trilogy

Scavenging in the ruins of London, Fen is used to getting by on meagre resources. But her life is thrown into uncertainty by the brutality of her group’s leader towards a needy new arrival and she finds herself in the middle of a conflict that she did not seek. Yet it is a conflict she has fought many times before in many places, in many lives.


The alien stone she has found – a quarton – has done what quartons always do; lured her and the other three into its domain. Fen is soon travelling a path which was set for her long ago. She has some tough decisions ahead which will test her resolve and make her question whose side she is really on.

What started as a battle for personal survival has become a battle to decide the future of two worlds.

If you like compelling sci-fi with powerful themes and a sweeping, unique plot, then you’ll love Ian Hornett’s gripping Quarton series.


Quarton: The Coding. Part 2 in the Quarton trilogy out now.

Part 2 in the Quarton trilogy

The last quarton has been found and the Garial Bridge's fate decided. But the power of the quarton and, in particular, its mysterious coding, has not finished wielding its influence just yet. 

Quarton: The Coding is the second book in the Quarton trilogy, out now.




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for 2 Maggie stories.

Maggie Matheson : Back in Service

Coming Soon...

If you are after something different, look out for my series of comedy books about Maggie Matheson, an 81 year old spy who gets called back into the Service to do one 'last' job. Here's the blurb:

A potential reunion with the son she parted with at birth tempts 81 year old retired spy, Maggie Matheson, back into the Service to tackle a criminal ring threatening multiple cyber attacks. Computer guru she is not… but why let techno-phobia, government-wide conspiracies and a touch of arthritis stop her?

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