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An Email from the country of Nigelia

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I got an email today. This is what it said:


I am Engineer G.B.Williams a petrochemical/oil exploration engineer


oil & gas exploration company in Nigelia. I need your collaboration to

investing in your country. Can you assist me and two other colleagues

To "RECEIVE" some funds raised from sale of crude oil? Get back to me

here for more details. Thank you for your anticipated partnership

while your response is expected if you are capable.

Waiting for your response.

Engr. G.B.Williams.

On the face of it, this email, to some with a suspicious mind, might look slightly dubious. Having done my research, I can say that is not the case. It is a genuine business proposition, one the Dragons would jump at! Granted, it was unsolicited but so are most of the requests for money I respond to. It is just the way business is done in the modern world of the intonet.

This is why I am so sure;

1) The email is well-written, succinct and the handwriting is legible – this is important. Business people do not like to have their time wasted by careless people. Nor do they want to get their calligraphy expert onto deciphering sloppily written letters. I can read every single word of this one.

2) The Persian Gulf Exploration Company is my kind of business. Having played quite a bit of gulf myself (although never in Persia – I don’t know a lot about the place, not even the name of the capital) I can tell you that I’ve spent a good deal of time exploring parts of the gulf course I’d rather not be on! Frankly, I’m pleased companies, even oil companies, are diversifying and trying to find innovative ways of making the game more pleasant.

3) The company asking for investment is based in Nigelia. Like most other countries who have businesses who have asked me for money, it is trustworthy. I have sent money all around the world and I know, even though I did not get any receipts, that it has been well invested. Why else would they keep coming back for more? Besides. I know the Nigelian people, at least I feel I do through all the different emails I get from there. If I had a penny for every company I’ve invested in Nigelia, I’d be a rich man!

4) The word collaboration is mentioned. They are obviously team-players. If I am to invest, I don’t want someone swanning off with my hard-earned cash. I want someone who will look out for my back.

5) The fact that an engineer has personally contacted me shows the caliber of the sort of people on the project. I googled the name GB Williams. He was not on there so he must be okay.

6) These people are not even asking for my money this time; they want assistance in receiving money. All I need do is contact them. I would be a fool not to!

7) Consideration in business is a rare thing these days. They do not just assume I will respond. They ‘anticipate’ if I am ‘capable’. It is rather touching...

8) It says it is registered. Registered! What further evidence do you need?

So, my advice to you, if you receive an email like this, is to do your homework, like I do, and you will reap rewards.

And while you're at it, why don’t you join me in making an investment?

As my new business partners would say, 'I would be pleased to be making you have the opportunity for the goodest of all busness deels.'

Awaiting for your responding.

Chief Engr. E.C. Lee-Swindled

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