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Laddies That Launch

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Why the title, 'Laddies That Launch'?

An explanation is required. Hopefully, you all get the pun? A play on words from 'Ladies that lunch'. It is not a pop, by any means, at ladies that lunch. Having lunch is a fine thing to do. I just like the sound of it. Word play intrigues and amuses me. I envy those who can do it really well.

But the title for the blog site is also pertinent to what I'm trying to do at the moment which is to launch my first self-published book. Unfortunately for me, launching a book also involves me launching myself over a cliff-edge into the world of social media, webs-sites, SEO management (?), blogging and neck ache from continuously looking down at my phone. It's all so mind-boggling.

I am throwing myself headlong into this so 'launch' is a good word. The action of launching in most situations, I guess, could be controlled or not so controlled. A lifeboat launch should be, and I have no doubt is, controlled. My own launch could be described as controlled, much like my two year old son's regular launches into the ball pit at Go Bananas were controlled. Arms and legs everywhere and that's just me trying to find the hash tag key.

The laddies part is a bit more tenuous. I am not Scottish (forgive me, Scottish people, if you don't say 'laddies') nor am I plural, being just the one laddy. I am not even a lad. I might like to think I am but I am not. Ask my kids.

But it creates opportunities too; for example, writing a regular blog which I think I'm going to enjoy doing. Having spent several hours trying to connect my domain on my website to goodness knows where and why (not to mention who, what and when, just to complete the 5 W's of writing - KS2 teachers will know what I mean), it's a blessed relief to be putting, if not pen to paper, then at least one fingered key compression to (eventually) screen. I feel calmer and more relaxed. I know what I'm doing now. I am not an IT expert, nor am I any good at marketing; I will have to learn a bit about both if I'm going to make a success of this writing lark. Maybe the fact that you are reading this shows that I am getting there.

Incidentally, I was going to call this blog site, 'Boo Curly' after an advert that Freddie Laker ran in the 80s for his airline where he finished it by holding out his thumb and saying, 'Boo Curly'. The idea of going to all that trouble to set up the first low-cost airline then stand in front of a plane, smile and do a thumbs up just to scare someone called Curly appealed to me so much more than the practical piece of advice he was actually giving which was to book early.

So word play might be a theme we could explore together in these blogs. I would love to hear your favourite examples. My struggles with T.I. (see what I mean?!) might be another. Anything is up for grabs. Suggest something and I will try and blog about it. Can't wait to hear from you.

P.S. I've googled 'laddies' and all Scottish people do say it.

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